Aluminium Sliding Door Manufacturer & Installations

We manufacture, supply and fit the best quality aluminium sliding doors in Cape Town & surrounding areas. Our range of aluminium doors is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. The combination of quality materials, expert craftsmen and low pricing sets us apart from other suppliers.

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    Tailor-made Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Aluminium doors supplied by Cape Town’s leading glass and aluminium come in a wide range of standard sizes. However, our expert craftsmen and designers can create tailor-made aluminium doors for your home or commercial property.

    Our tailormade aluminium doors add style, security and functionality to any home, office or commercial building. Fixitt tailormade aluminium doors are perfect replacement doors for any type of property when new doors are needed. Our design team can assist in creating the ideal aluminium doors for your home, office, shop, restaurant or even factory. If you need the best aluminium doors, Fixitt Glass and Aluminium is the first place you should call.

    We are an end-to-end aluminium door designer, manufacturer, and supplier and we also provide high quality aluminium windows throughout greater Cape Town. Our team of experts manage every detail of production to ensure fast delivery and consistently high quality.

    If you need tailormade aluminium doors , contact us today: 087 153 6466

    Types and Styles of Aluminium Doors

    For over a decade we have been supplying the widest variety, types and style of aluminium doors in Cape Town and have the ideal aluminium doors for any home, office, restaurant, shop or factory. Ask us.

    Our high-quality aluminium doors styles include:

    • Inline Sliding Doors – These are the more conventional sliding doors with panels of glass that slide inside a frame. Today, inline sliding doors are stronger, available in different colours and are more secure thanks to improved locking mechanisms. Inline sliding doors come in an assortment of designs, panel sizes and in various sizes to meet your needs.
    • Lift and Slide Doors – As the name suggests these popular inline sliding doors operate using an easy to operate handle lifting the door up to slide exactly where you want it. Available in a range of styles and colours and fitted to perfection.
    • Tilt and Slide Doors – Tilt and slide doors are another popular choice of sliding door form Fixitt. These doors don’t just only slide to open but have a simple tilt mechanism that opens the door a little to allow for ventilation. Ask us for more information on these doors.
    • Sliding Doors – the most common aluminium doors and a firm home favorite.
    • Slimline sliding patio doors – Minimalism is all the rage and slimline sliding doors allow you to make the best use of the slim frames with more glass.
    • Pocket aluminium sliding doors – These state of the art sliding doors are perfect for new extensions. These sliding doors slide back inside the wall and are completely hidden when open. Futuristic and dramatic, perfect for the home renovations.
    • Automatic sliding patio doors – For the ultimate in convenience or luxury, we supply and install automatic sliding doors that can work with a sensor or by pushing a button, very common in commercial and retail properties.

    Our Aluminium Doors meet South African Quality Standards and are backed by our comprehensive warranties. All workmanship and fitting fully guaranteed.

    The Benefits of Aluminium Doors

    In Cape Town aluminium doors are the best choice for new and replacement doors for any residential or commercial property. Fixitt Glass and Aluminium is the number one company to supply and fit aluminium doors. There are many benefits to installing aluminium doors in your home, office, shop, restaurant or factory. It is also easy to understand why you should select highest quality aluminium doors in Cape Town from the very best supplier. From durability to ease of maintenance, your investment in aluminium doors will be reward you from day one.

    Looking for the best prices for aluminium doors in Cape Town? Contact us

    Why choose Aluminium doors from Fixitt?


    Doors get a lot of use with people in and out. Aluminium doors from Fixitt are long lasting and they can withstand the harsh weather in and around Cape Town.


    Aluminium allows for greater design freedom from style of the door itself to the colours of the doors and frame. Ask us to help you design you ideal aluminium doors.

    Easy to maintain

    Unlike other doors, aluminium doors are easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe down keeps doors looking good and because aluminium doors from Fixitt are so well installed that maintenance should not be needed but if and when it is it is easy to do.

    Improved Security

    High-quality safety glass and sophisticated locking mechanisms bring safety and security to any property. The frames are securely fitted making them extremely difficult to remove unlike older or poorly fitted sliding doors.

    Stop Drafts

    Aluminium doors are well fitted and leave no gaps for warm air to escape from or cold air to enter in. This also help you save money on your energy bills.

    Environmentally friendly

    The reduced amount of energy used in your home has an environmental impact but aluminium doors go further than that when it comes being eco-friendly. Our aluminium doors are made from sustainable materials that can be easily recycled to reduce their carbon footprint.

    Value for Money

    The greatest benefit of Aluminium doors, especially when installed by Fixitt Glass and Aluminium, is their affordability. As trusted manufacturers we use only the highest quality materials to make the most affordable aluminium doors in Cape Town installed by the best teams all covered by the outstanding warranties and guarantees.

    Energy Efficient

    Aluminium Glass Doors are an excellent insulator keeping your home or office cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Well fitted doors allow for no drafts and noise is also reduced.

    Our Services

    Aluminium Door Repairs

    Repairs & Maintenance Of Aluminium Doors & Windows

    We’re well-versed in the production and repair of a broad range of aluminium products. Our repairs and maintenance team is on hand to assist with aluminium door repairs and aluminium window repair, including both the frame and glass.

    Aluminium Window Manufacturer

    Aluminium Windows

    Our team can design and craft custom made aluminium windows with toughened glass to replace your old and worn-out windows. We’re a proud aluminium window manufacturer, and our team will fit and install your new windows for you.

    Glass door installation repairs

    Aluminium Doors

    As experienced aluminium door manufacturers, we design and manufacture a range of aluminium frame doors, including sliding doors. This also extends to maintenance, and our teams will assist you with aluminium sliding door repairs.

    aluminium shower doors

    Aluminium Shower Door Installation

    Is your shower door cracked? We specialize in shower door installation, designing and producing a range of shower doors with toughened glass. We do both aluminium shower doors and frameless shower doors to match your preferences.

    Aluminium Shopfront Installation

    Glass & Aluminium Shopfront Installations

    Your shopfront is the first thing your customers will see of your business, so keep it looking immaculate! We specialize in aluminium shopfront installation, manufacturing aluminium shop front doors and windows to showcase your products.

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